Radon Inspections

A Radon Inspection You Can Trust

In the realm of home inspections, Lucas Home Inspections stands tall with a strong reputation for delivering thorough and dependable radon inspections across Michigan. We take pride in our professionalism, efficiency, and swift provision of comprehensive reports, all of which contribute to the invaluable peace of mind we provide to homeowners and property buyers.

Unlike some inspection services, Lucas Home Inspections maintains the highest level of integrity by not performing mitigation services on the homes we test. This ensures unbiased reporting, providing you with accurate information every time. Our AHIT-certified inspectors go beyond the routine tests and aid clients in understanding the results, empowering them with knowledge to make the best decisions regarding their homes.

The bond of trust with our clients is something we deeply cherish and continuously strive to strengthen. That’s why, for radon inspection needs, countless homeowners and potential buyers entrust Lucas Home Inspections. Here, your safety and satisfaction are our primary commitments.

Comprehensive Radon Inspection Services

At Lucas Home Inspections, we understand that the safety and health of your family go beyond what’s visible in a home. Our thorough radon inspection services are offered across Tecumseh, Adrian, Ann Arbor, Jackson, and surrounding areas. We take a deep dive into the unseen aspects of your property – the quality of your indoor air. As radon is an odorless and invisible radioactive gas, the only way to ensure you’re safe from its hazardous effects is through professional testing.

Our knowledgeable team is highly trained to detect and quantify radon levels, providing homeowners and prospective property buyers with accurate, easy-to-understand reports. Utilizing advanced E-Perm systems for utmost precision, our radon inspections reach far below the surface. Our relentless commitment to ensuring both your investment and health are safeguarded has distinguished us as a top choice for radon inspection services across Michigan.

We believe it’s our duty to ensure that the environments where you live and breathe are safe and healthy. We are not just inspectors; we are protectors of homes and families.

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